Learn How to
Make Healthy Meals in Minutes

Get paid to improve your health and fitness

Imagine earning an income while helping yourself and others live more fulfilling lives.


What if you could change your life in ways you never thought possible – physically, emotionally, and financially and be the BEST. YOU. EVER.

You’d be part of something SO BIG, it’s changing the world one step at a time.


What if you could….
Improve your health. Get in the best shape of your life. Live a purposeful life.

Equip and empower yourself to build a body you’re proud of and live a life by your design.

Do it for yourself. Do it or your family. Do it for the people you care about.

Life is short. You have to take advantage of it.


But although you so desperately want to be HEALTHY. FIT. FEARLESS., you’re missing the support, accountability, and mentorship necessary to make it happen.


You’re unable to ignite sustaining motivation to create long-term healthy habits.

The truth is that most people lack the focus to DREAM BIG and take action to bring that vision to life.

Let’s be honest… you start out passionate and excited to achieve your goals, but aren’t in touch with your WHY (POWER) to really push through hard times. You lose sight of your goals, fall back into bad habits and give up.

You deserve a life filled with joy,

health & prosperity and I’ll help you create it!

I'm Jordan Duvall, Well-Being Warrior and it's my passion to equip and EMPOWER you to build a body you're proud of and live life BY YOUR DESIGN.

Growing up, I was a chubby, un-athletic kid living on pizza, pasta and bagels. I’ve worked very hard to get fit, have a healthy relationship with food, and conquer my fears so they don’t get in the way of my life’s vision.

Rather than continuing to focus on quick fixes that don’t work, I committed to making health and fitness a TOP priority by becoming a Beachbody Coach.

Little did I know coaching would enhance my life in ways I never could've imagined. An incredible community of Fit Friends fill my life with positivity and possibility. The support and accountability keep me striving towards my goals everyday.

floating_collage_coach2I've finally learned how to surrender to consistency and let the magic happen. I've since lost 50 lbs, learned how to eat right and am in the best shape of my life. I wake up each day filled with passion and excitement to empower others to change their lives and be HEALTHY. FIT. FEARLESS.

And now, helping others bring their vision to life is a great privilege and pathway to realizing my own.

I’m here to tell you...
striving to achieve your
BIG DREAM is a true gift.

That kind of drive and commitment holds the key to a richer, more meaningful life.

And by creating healthy habits that stick, building belief in yourself and aligning with your WHY POWER, you can achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams.


This is true for me and this can be true for you too.

If you’re ready to PROFIT FROM YOUR PASSION, and have the desire to help others improve their lives keep reading because Beachbody coaching is what you’ve been looking for.

As your personal Coach and business mentor, I will guide you on your own personal health and fitness journey and provide you with a PROVEN AND EFFECTIVE SYSTEM to build YOUR OWN successful Coaching business.

All you have to do is DREAM BIG, focus, commit and let your passion take over.

“Coaching has given me a way to share my passion.
I love health and fitness. It’s also given me the opportunity to earn an income and relieve my husband of the stress of being the sole wage earner in our family.”

- Brynn Gray

Ready to change your life? Invest in you now!

Becoming a Beachbody Coach will help you:

    Be your own boss and create your own schedule so you can spend more time  with your family. Working for yourself has MAJOR perks!!!
    Life is expensive! How would an extra $200, $500, even $2000+/mo change  your life? Buh Bye Credit Card Debt. No more weekly “low balance” alerts.  Imagine the possibilities.
    Your positive changes don’t go unnoticed. There’s nothing like watching your friends, family and clients move forward to create the lives they want. It’s truly fulfilling and creates great joy.
    You feel amazing all.the.time. Surrounding yourself with an empowering community will do that. The ginormous energy boost from consistent exercise,  eating right, personal growth, and Shakeology raises your vibration and attracts good things into your life.
    If a cookie is eaten when no one is watching, do the calories really count??  Let’s be honest, doing it alone sucks. Surround yourself with friends…  create a fit family to keep you on track.. What’s more motivating than a team  cheering you on? YOUR team cheering you on….. WITH MATCHING T-SHIRTS!!!
    Shakeology is your daily dose of dense nutrition. Enjoy more energy, reduced  cravings, increased focus, and better digestion. Feel AWESOME.
    Feed your mind with a new personal development habit. Watch your life expand before your eyes. Impress even yourself with your evolution.
    Because life outside your comfort zone is more fun. It’s a vast expanse where anything is possible. Doing new things will surely make life more interesting.  Might even add that missing spark…
    Let’s face it, life with kids is waaaayyy more expensive. Childcare, new clothes,  shoes, school, bahhh let’s not talk about it. Stress levels rising. Cool trips are  waaaaayyyyy down the list, if they even make an appearance. How cool is it to earn FREE vacations to exotic locations and take the whole family (or leave the kids with grandma for adult fun?!). Bahamas. Disney Orlando. Jamaica. Cancun. Um, yes please!! Where do I sign???

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

is perfect for you if you:
  • Desire positive change in your life
  • Have a passion for health and fitness
  • Want to help others lead healthy, fulfilling lives
  • Want freedom of time and money
  • Want pride in completing your goals
  • Want accountability with your own health + fitness journey

Becoming a Beachbody Coach

is NOT for you if you:
  • Want to stick with your bad habits
  • Are looking for a get rich quick scheme
  • Prefer to maintain the status quo in your life
  • Want to complain instead of TAKING ACTION
  • Have no desire to better yourself
  • Are not willing to put in the WERK!

How It Works

STEP 1: CLICK HERE to apply.

STEP 2: Your application will be reviewed.

STEP 3: If accepted, you’ll order your Challenge Pack and sign up as a coach. I recommend starting with the 21 Day Fix to set a proper foundation for your nutrition.

STEP 4: Keep an eye on your inbox for our “Hello, Welcome” letter that will help me get to know how I can best help you achieve your goals and create your vision.

STEP 5: After enrolling and signing up as a coach you will receive a New Coach Checklist that walks you through step-by-step on how to get set up and ready for business!

STEP 6: Next you’ll be plugged into our incredible Entrepreneur Academy that guides you step-by-step through building YOUR successful Coaching Business. I’ll be here to mentor you to accomplish your health, fitness, AND business goals.

“I’ve never been happier or more fulfilled.
I’m in the best shape of my life, have lost 30 lbs and have successfully kept it off. My Beachbody income has allowed me to leave my 80 hour per week corporate job, pay off over $30K in student debt, and move to the same city with my girlfriend.”

- Brad Bizjack

Ready to change your life? Invest in you now!

Frequently asked questions:

What is Beachbody Coaching, really?

1. Be a Product of the Product
Coaching all starts with leading a healthy lifestyle for YOU. What matters is that you’re working towards YOUR goals.

2. Inviting
Inviting others to become healthier with you. This can be through following you on social media, participating in a challenge group, or becoming a coach on Driven Dreamers.

3. Personal Development
Better yourself through reading and listening to audios to become more confident and focused on your goals. Personal development is about breaking through those barriers and becoming the BEST.YOU.EVER.

So, those are the THREE VITAL behaviors! Those don’t sound too hard do they?

What are the benefits of joining Driven Dreamers?

Supportive upline team to guarantee success right out the gate.

Comprehensive Business Starter Kit

Easy-to-follow business system

Weekly calls for training and business building

A proven duplicatable system to plug into in order to maximize your growth

Exclusive access to our Members Only Forum, get connected with other coaches and grow together.

What does it cost to become a Coach?

The Sign Up Fee is $39.95 with a monthly $15.95 business fee. The majority of coaches opt to start with a Challenge Pack ($140-$205) because your coaching fee is waived and you get product experience. No annual fees. No long term commitment. No sales requirements. No inventory required.

How do I earn money?

As a Coach you earn 25% on all sales and ongoing orders.

$40-$80 commission on Challenge Packs

$32/mo commission on Shakeology orders.

Team Volume and Bonuses grow as your team grows.

When do I get paid?

We get paid every single week and to earn THOUSANDS of dollars a week, you won’t sell THOUSANDS of dollars of Shakeology. It will come from helping your TEAM succeed.

What’s the Business Fee?

The business fee covers your websites, customer service, payroll, and order processing.

What are the perks?

First of all you will stay fit and reduce your health risks. Beachbody spends nearly $100 Million each year on infomercials, print and radio ads; which generate 15,000-30,000 new customers each week! These paying customers will be put into your business once you become a qualified Emerald Coach (very quick ‘n easy to do). This means FREE income. We get also 25% off all Beachbody Products, including Shakeology. We get free websites, on-going training, team support, Coach Support.

I heard something about trips… dates please?

Each year we have the opportunity to earn the Success Club trip, an all expense paid exclusive vacation to somewhere amazing. If you help 3-5 new people each month within your first three months of coaching then you earn a FREE ticket to Summit!

What if I sign up and decide coaching isn’t for me?

Beachbody offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so if you start out and realize this isn’t for you then you have the opportunity to opt out.

I’m too busy. How will I ever have the time?

I’ll be straight up with you, we make time for what’s important to us. If it’s a priority we find the time. I guarantee you have the time, you just might not see it yet. Take a good look and evaluate your TV watching, Facebook, Video Games, etc.

Do I need to be in perfect shape or be at my goal weight?

There’s no need to be a fitness professional.  You just need to have a passion for health and fitness and helping others. Being a product of the product means that you’re on a journey of health, wellness and fitness. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from…what matters is that you’re consistently working towards a goal.

How do I invite people?

We invite others to become healthier with us. This can be through following you on social media, participating in a challenge group, or becoming a coach on your team. Your goal is to find out how YOU can help others become a happier & healthier version of themselves. As you are on your own journey, people will ask you, “how are you doing it?”. This is where you share with them what you are doing and invite them to be a part of it.

Do I have to do sales?

We are not salespeople at Beachbody. You’re inspiring others with your actions. We build relationships with people, we find out their needs, and if we have something that can help them, we share it and invite them to be a part of it. It’s really about building relationships and helping others.

We are solution givers.

How many people do I have to coach?

This business is unique in that your income is ALWAYS a reflection of the number of lives you change. If you just focus on just living your BEST life and helping other people to do the same, you won’t have to stress about the money, it will just come.

How long do I need to spend on my Coaching Business each day?

For those that want to BUILD a business, we have a “Power Hour” To Do list that’s available to help you grow your business without spending a ton of time on it! Several coaches have been able to grow extremely successful businesses with only putting in 1-2 hours per day. If you need to break your “Power Hour” down into 15-30 minute FOCUSED time blocks throughout the day that works too. All you need to do is commit to doing the three vital behaviors consistently EVERY day. Over time your business will gain momentum and grown like crazy!

Is this a Pyramid Scheme?

First off, not many people even understand what a pyramid scheme actually is. They usually think that if you sign up people (distributors), then it’s a pyramid scheme. The fact is that a REAL pyramid scheme is based on a reward system where you get paid to sign up new distributors or reps and no actual product is being sold. This is 100% illegal and I hope you don’t think that I would ever take part in something like that.

How Big Can I Build My Business?

As a Beachbody Coach, your income is directly tied to the amount of people you help and will depend on how serious you treat your business and the amount of consistent effort you put in.

Everyone decides to become a Beachbody Coach for different reasons. For example, a customer that drinks Shakeology on a daily basis may decide to become a Beachbody coach to take advantage of the 25% coach discount and makes sense because they would be saving money in the long run. Others may sign up to earn an extra $50-100/month, helping some friends and coworkers. And others may decide to sign up, treat it like a real business, build a large team of other Coaches, and go on to earn a very large income.

This is what’s possible for you depending your goals:

In 2012, out of all the Coaches with the rank of Coach:

  • The lowest amount made was $0
  • The average was $467
  • The highest was $26,951

In 2012, out of all the Coaches with the rank of Emerald:

  • The lowest amount made was $14
  • The average was $3,353
  • The highest was $261,621

In 2012, out of all the Coaches with the rank of Ruby:

  • The lowest amount made was $1,869
  • The average was $11,011
  • The highest was $62,840

In 2012, out of all the Coaches with the rank of Diamond:

  • The lowest amount made was $2,112
  • The average was $18,175
  • The highest was $136,818

In 2012, out of all the Coaches with the rank of Star Diamond and above:

  • The lowest amount made was $1,299
  • The average was $90,746
  • The highest was $1,645,484

Yup, that’s right, the top Beachbody Coach made over 1.6 million dollars in 2011.

As you can see from the numbers above, the average Beachbody Coach income varies greatly depending on Coach Rank. If you’re serious about your business, your ultimate goal should be to get to 15 Star Diamond and understand the lower ranks are milestones that you will reach along the way.

Remember, this is a long term business that will take years to grow, so if you make it a goal to get to Diamond, then advance in rank 3 Stars every year, you could be 15 Star Diamond in 5 years. That is a very realistic goal to have.

Instead of trying to find the average Beachbody Coach Income, I’d recommend setting a goal for yourself on how much you’d like to earn in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and so on. Once you’ve set your income goals, determine how many hours you will devote to your Beachbody business, and what you’ll do in order to reach your income goals. Then get to work and shoot for hitting your short term goals. If you’re able to reach your short term goals, your long term goals will fall into place. I will be here to guide and support you the whole way.

Build your dream life.


As a Beachbody Coach, your income is directly tied to the amount of people you help. It will depend on how seriously you treat your business and the amount of CONSISTENT EFFORT you put in.

As your personal coach, I’ll be here to guide & mentor you every step of the way.



I want to make sure we are the right fit

so that you feel at home and live up to your full potential. I’m looking for people who’re excited about turning BIG DREAMS into reality and willing to put in consistent effort.

There’ll be times when your comfort zone is tested, so I’d like to sense a strong heart and DESIRE TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I’m here to support and mentor you.

So if you’re passionate about personal growth and have the desire to create success for yourself, then I’d love to hear from you.

It takes courage to live the life you most desire and I believe you are here revel in prosperity.

“I’m the healthiest and happiest I’ve ever been.
Team Beachbody has allowed me the opportunity to be my own boss, work from home, live a life by design, and travel the world… so I have a serious passion for paying this forward to others and showing them what this business can do for their lives. It’s far from a hobby, it’s my full-time passion!”

- Colleen Curtis

Ready to change your life? Invest in you now!

There's no better time than NOW!

I only mentor 5 people each month, so I don’t want YOU to miss out on the incredible training and resources!

This is 100% Risk Free. If for any reason you don’t absolutely love your Fitness Program or Shakeology simply email me anytime in the next 30 days and we’ll get you a full refund. You can cancel your Coach account at any time with no penalties or fees.

I am privileged and grateful to have you join our team. Looking forward to meeting your