5 things all SHAKEOLOGY SKEPTICS must know!

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5 things all SHAKEOLOGY SKEPTICS must know!

POSTED BY ON September 13, 2016

I have so many people ask me DAILY “So what’s so great about this Shakeology & why is it so EXPENSIVE?”

Here’s my two cents on why Shakeology is WELL WORTH only $4.00 a day. Which by the way, Isn’t that less than your daily pumpkin spice latte that contains 800 grams of sugar??? 😂😂😂

Number one, Shakeology is NOT a protein shake.  It is a dense nutrition superfood supplement that is loaded with vitamins, minerals, pre & pro-biotics – and literally some of the most EPIC superfoods ingredients known to mankind.

It would cost you $700 to try to recreate this on your own. The creator of Shakeology traveled the WORLD to research these ingredients & make sure they were of QUALITY! Camu Camy, Goji Berry, Acai, Pomegranate and Rose Hips to name a few. These ingredients provide antioxidant support to promote a healthy heart and optimal blood pressure.

Number two, Shakeology is NON-GMO. In other words, there are ZERO genetically modified organisms used in the shake. It contains all natural ingredients. I don’t know about you, but GMO’s sketch me out.  I avoid them whenever possible because the truth is we really don’t know the damage they are doing to our bodies!

Almost EVERY single protein shake contains ARTIFICIAL ingredients and are not “non-gmo”. I’ve tried pretty much all of them so can speak from experience!  To improve the taste of protein shakes, they are almost always loaded artificial flavorings and imitation sugars. Unfortunately, Corporate America cares more about selling you something that tastes good vs something that provides nutritional VALUE to your body.

Number three, many times people are FOOLED INTO THINKING that their “shake” is better because it’s low in calories or carbs or high protein. I am PROUD that Shakeology has about 13 grams of Carbohydrates & 6 grams of Sugar! Do not compromise healthy, wholesome ingredients just to say it’s “low calorie” or “carb free”! In order for something to have NO calories/carbs/sugar – the product has to be MODIFIED and has CHEMICALS IN IT.

Number four, here’s where Shakeology comes in FOR THE WIN. This dense nutrition shake has been the cornerstone of my success to lose 50 lbs and totally CHANGE MY MINDSET and MY LIFESTYLE! I struggled with my digestion FOR MY WHOLE LIFE.  Let’s just say things didn’t move so smoothly.  I had to take supplements and herbs.  And that added up $$$$!  Shakeology has fiber and pre & probiotics and I’m regular for the first time in my life.  Let me tell you it’s UHMAZING!!

Digestion is a SERIOUS problem in America because we eat like crap and have WAY TOO MUCH processed foods. These ingredients help eliminate toxins that have built up in your digestive system and help your body absorption of nutrients.

Number 5, Shakeology is clinically PROVEN to promote weight loss, lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar and has been endorsed by thousands of doctors all over the country! 👊🏻

My hope in writing this is NOT to sell you Shakeology. Nor to make you feel bad about what you’re drinking. BUT to educate you and make sure you know WHAT you’re drinking AND PUTTING IN YOUR BODY. There is nothing on the market with this list of WHOLE FOOD ingredients!  Do your research and read the ingredients!!!! It is amazing how many bad ingredients these companies will SNEAK into your protein drinks!!!

You can’t afford to be CHEAP when it comes to your health. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH NOW or pay the doctor and hospital bills later.  Yup I said it!