How Do You Find the Time for Meal Prep?

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How Do You Find the Time for Meal Prep?

POSTED BY ON August 28, 2016

I get asked all the time “How Do You Find the Time for Meal Prep?”

Honestly, the answer is simple…  It’s a priority so I MAKE the time.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day and it’s our choice as to how we want to spend it.  I know that if I don’t plan ahead and meal prep then I am setting myself up for disaster.

I’ll hit up the commissary at work or go out for tacos. Either way I know it will mean carb overload and no portion control.

After a long day, if I don’t have healthy food on hand or at least an idea of what I’m gonna make for dinner then it’s straight to a quesadilla or cheese sandwich.

Knowing this about myself, I do my best to set myself up for success.  I’d love to tell you that I am Martha Stewart and cook homemade gourmet meals everyday.

This is far from the truth.  I keep things simple and EASY!  I’m busy and cooking is just not a priority right now with working full time, having a part time business, and being a wife and mom.

I wake up early everyday… yes even on the weekends.  This is the only time to get FOCUSED stuff done.  When I’m focused stuff happens fast.  Multi-tasking just leaves me feeling like a scattered hot mess who is failing at all things.

On Saturdays I break out my spreadsheet and plan out our meals and make the grocery list.


As you can see I repeat things.  It makes life easier and saves money at the grocery store.  Winner winner chicken dinner.

Shakeology is my anchor and gives me the reassurance that at least I’m getting one healthy meal that is super easy.  And then I make my salad jars.  These have changed my life and ensure a healthy meal everyday!  So between these two things and some healthy snacks I’m well fueled!  Dinner is either Shakeology or protein and veggies.

For that we’ll grill up some chicken or make meatballs that I will put over zoodles or have eggs.

On the weekends we will get more creative with cooking or even enjoy a meal out.  But I find that following the 21 Day Fix Meal plan to make my salad jars and having Shakeology each day make my life easy and helped me lose 50 lbs after having my daughter and get in the best shape of my life.

It’s a huge relief to have a system that works for me and makes my life easier so I can spend my energy on other things… like the ones I love!  🙂