Meal Planning – Love it, Hate it

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Meal Planning – Love it, Hate it

POSTED BY ON April 10, 2016

I have a love hate relationship with meal planning.  I know it is good for me to do and I see the success I have, but let’s be honest, some weekends I would rather not be in the kitchen and I’m uninspired to pick our recipes and be creative.
Here’s things you can make that are super easy and will help get you through on those tough weeks when you are busy or just can’t get into meal prep.


  1. Hard Boiled Eggs – put water in a pot, let it boil, add eggs, and #BOOM 7 minutes later you have an amazing breakfast, snack or protein to put on your salad
  2. Single Serving Greek Yogurt – super easy to have on the go for snack, breakfast, or even dinner in desperate times.  Put a drizzle of honey or add fruit for a sweet treat.  Yes I know that greek yogurt is an acquired taste.  I just could not get into it until I had gestational diabetes when I was pregnant and had to learn to love it and you know what it’s pretty good! A dash of cinnamon goes a long way!
  3. Baby Carrots – they are already cut for you!  Eat them alone, with hummus or salsa.
  4. Shakeology – this is a lifesaver for me.  I add protein powder each morning to pack a punch and really fill me up.  I’ll be honest that when I first saw it I was like, wait what?  I’m not spending $130 on protein powder. These people are cray cray.  And then when I wasn’t getting amazing results from my fitness program and clean eating efforts I figured I would give it a try.  After all, if I didn’t like it I could return it and get my money back.  My cravings went away 2 weeks later, my digestion improved 10x, I have so much more energy, and in turn I feel better about myself and am happier resulting in me being a better version of me.  My hair is also super full and long now too which I never had before and is awesome!  At less than $4 day it’s easy to grab n go and I will even have it for dinner some nights if I can’t muster the energy to cook anything.  Better that than a quesadilla.
  5. Rotisserie Chicken – you can get this at any local grocery store and shred it up for salads or steam up a veggie real fast and have it as a full lunch or dinner.
  6. Tuna – Yes there are so many ways to make yummy tuna salad.  I am a lazy cook so often I will just dump tuna into a bowl and mix up with balsamic vinegar and mustard and #BOOM.  Throw it on lettuce, eat alone, or put on bread.  You have lunch or dinner! Life before Shakeology I would sometimes have that for breakfast!
  7. Olives – easy to have a jar and have 10 for a quick snack.  Healthy fats.  If you don’t like olives then pretend you never ready this.
  8. Slow Cooker Oatmeal – I was a hater.  The quick packets were my go to and then one day my husband bought the slow cooker version (I was annoyed) and then I tried it.  Um, yeah.  Haven’t had the packets since.  They taste like cardboard to me now.  It’s SOOOOO easy to make this.  Follow the directions on the can and then let it sit overnight in the fridge.  You can put it in a mason jar with some fruit to take to work and have it for breakfast, snack or even lunch.  Let’s get over labels for when we can eat certain foods!  Make life easy!!!
  9. Sweet potatoes – I have a love hate relationship with these bad boys.  Mostly because I’m told I have to eat them.  My inner “I don’t wannnnnnnaaaaa” comes out.  You can turn the oven on to 350-400 poke holes in them, put them in on a cookie sheet, set the timer for 50-60 minutes and #BOOM you have sweet potatoes and it took 5 min of effort.
  10. Hummus – super easy to have with veggies, crackers or even put on a salad.  Just be mindful to keep it to a couple TBSP.  Yeah I’ve def stuffed my face with hummus and eaten way beyond the proper portion.  If this happens move on.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Be better next time.
  11. Cheese – I mean who doesn’t love cheese?  The Baby Bonbells you can take on the go or even string cheese.  All you have to do is pull it out of the fridge.  No prep necessary.
  12. Apples, Grapes, Oranges, Bananas – These come ready to eat.  No prep necessary.  Put in your bag or purse and #BOOM snack.
  13. If you have a Trader Joes near you they have the mini packs of nuts and trail mix!  So easy to grab n’ go.  Just eat half the bag though as there’s 2 servings in there.  Aim to have 12 nuts.  Count them out first and put the bag away because we both know you will eat the whole thing if not.  How do I know this?  Because it will be gone before I can count to 10 because I get lost in the mindless crunching.
  14. Avocado – I could bathe in avocado I love it so much.  This is easy to cut in half and mix with tuna or salsa and you have lunch, snack or dinner.  Again, eat 1/4-1/2. Don’t eat the whole thing in one sitting.  Portion control people.  Yes it’s hard but we gotta do it or we spend our life being pissed off about our muffin top.  Don’t waste your energy on that.
  15. Veggies – OMG she said the V-word!  Yes vegetables.  They are good for you!  If you don’t like them then you are either A) not cooking them right or B) buying crappy produce.  Pony up some money to get good quality food and you will fall in love and feel better.  Just trust me.  Look up recipes to learn the proper cooking times.  Most veggies really only require 2-5 min of cooking.  They should have some crunch and not be a soggy disgusting mess that you have to choke down.  Carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, pre cut jicama, tomatoes… All good alone, mixed in a bowl with balsamic vinegar, put over greens, or even with hummus.
Hope that helps.  Meal planning and prepping doesn’t have to be hard.  If you aren’t a meal planning Maven the stick with the easy stuff and in your free time read up on how other’s do it and implement the tips slowly over time.  Before you know it, you’ll be a master.  We are only afraid of what we don’t know so confront your fear and go for it.  You can do it!
Would love to hear what your favorite healthy grab-n’-go food choices are.  Would you do me a favor and share below in the comments?